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Overcome Anxiety with Humor and Fun Therapy

Anxiety Therapy in San Antonio

If thoughts of fun, laughter and joy don’t pop into your mind when you think of therapy, then you must be crazy. Just kidding! They probably aren’t the first thoughts that come to mind for anyone who is considering counseling, or even working with a counselor right now. Actually, thinking about the amount of work and vulnerability required for self-growth can be pretty daunting. There are parts of the therapeutic process that require serious focus on difficult conversations and this is the necessary nature of it. It might be possible to overcome the anxiety using common anxiety therapy. On the other hand, you might be surprised to find that sessions are often times light-hearted and (you guessed it) FUNNY! Humor can be one of the most successful interventions that a therapist and client can foster and implement together!

Fun and Humor Therapy for Anxiety

Fun and Humor Therapy for Anxiety San Antonio

You’re still skeptical, I get it, so consider this. Certain types of information might be difficult for people to understand and learn, even when it is information about themselves. This is not because someone isn’t smart, but because new information is NEW. Everyone processes material differently and because of this, sometimes we have to switch up our avenues for learning. It’s not one size fits all, y’all! For example, I hated learning about history in high school. I was not interested in the slightest until I started watching the Comedy Central show ‘Drunk History.’ It was hilarious, which increased my curiosity! As a therapist, I started to realize that the same parallel could be seen in the clients that I was working with. People can become more engaged when humor is interwoven throughout various conversations.

Activities to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

I’ve met with countless clients who struggle with anxiety and depression. Addressing these issues can be the exact opposite of fun and having low motivation to do so isn’t uncommon. People are encouraged to face and accept the things that make them uncomfortable through the new method of treating anxiety. By now you’re picking up on the direction that I’m going with this… right? For those clients who want to avoid exploring those painful thoughts, feelings and experiences, because it can be scary, my brain says, “Let’s do some activities that make this more amusing!” Here are some:

  • Talking about funny excuses that could get you out of therapy (even though you’re already here, lol).
  • Thinking about one of your biggest fears and writing a few, quick sentences describing yourself or someone else encountering that fear with a response so exaggerated that it becomes funny.
  • Talking about the top 10 things that make you laugh and why?
  • Exploring how you have used humor to help you work through a challenging situation?
  • Acknowledging the most embarrassing things about yourself and figuring out why they might not be embarrassing at all.

My favorite tool to use in therapy, by far, is working with clients through a book called Don’t F*cking Panic by comedian and mental health advocate Kelsey Darragh. I was PSYCHED to discover this book when I went looking for something to help, not my clients, but me! Just as I was sucked into Drunk History, I was sucked into this book as well. The book is filled with raw accounts of the author’s own experiences with anxiety, panic and depression. The stories are relatable, the language is ludicrous and the interventions are profoundly effective. I have recommended it to only my coolest of clients and they have really enjoyed it as well, given that it can be a more inviting way to approach sensitive topics.

For those of you who might feel some trepidation about seeing a counselor based on the fear of what the conversations might entail, consider this as validation that it might end up not being as terrifying as you think! As therapists we have the honor and privilege of holding a safe space for you, helping you spend your life happily despite anxiety and explore the ‘dark places’ of yourself and then walking alongside your journey towards finding strength and realizing your potential. That being said, we also enjoy the opportunity to talk about the latest and greatest memes, Tiktok’s and ridiculous happenings!

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