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Our founders


Nicole Peak


Nicole founded the private practice Peak Psychological Services, PLLC, which specializes in evidence-based interventions. The breadth and depth of her past professional experiences include working on grant-funded research on PTSD in active-duty service members experiencing trauma, working on a research study investigating resiliency in active-duty cadets at the United States Airforce Academy, serving on the board for Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention, and supervising other clinicians in the dissemination of evidence-based treatments. Additionally, she has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals. She holds a Ph.D. and Master's in Clinical Psychology from Case Western Reserve University and a B.S. From Cornell University.

Outside of work, Nicole enjoys spending time with her husband & daughter. She enjoys being active by hiking, skiing, or riding her peloton. She also enjoys chillaxing by reading a book or watching a good Netflix series.


Brandi Vohs


Brandi is passionate about bringing mental health care services to active-duty military, veterans, their families, and the community. Her husband spent eight years dedicated to the military with the Army and she knows firsthand the struggles this commitment can bring to a family. Brandi is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality and healthcare industry. She is skilled in operations including team building, restructuring, budgeting, customer service, coaching, revenue cycle management, marketing, recruiting, and culture. Brandi holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from Walden University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

In her free time, Brandi enjoys exploring with her family and can often be found off the beaten path at a secret beach, climbing a mountain, or paddleboarding. She also loves to read, watch movies, and attend concerts.

Our therapists

Catherine Whiting


I have always wanted to be a psychologist and I feel really lucky to be able to work at the job I have always wanted to do. It was a long road, but if you choose to work with...

Nicole J. Peak


Choosing the right therapist is not just about credentials. Sure, you want well-trained therapists that offer the most effective services, but if you don’t connect or can’t communicate...

Kimbrlei McCain


I prioritize creating a space where people are free to be honest and authentic. I enjoy working with people who feel “stuck” or are struggling with confidence and self...

Ryan Nies


I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families in creating meaningful and long-lasting change. Having been trained through a family systems lens, I put emphasis on...

Chandra Brandt


Ages 13+

Chandra is a licensed therapist in the states of Colorado and Texas. Hello! It is my passion to support both individuals and couples while navigating life’s difficult situations in a secure and safe environment. As a therapist, it is my goal to collaboratively help you acknowledge and understand the various emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors … Continued

Dr. Scott P. Rheinschmidt


Ages 10+

“I have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years as a counselor and supervisor for counselors.” He is also a retired Air National Guard Veteran who served for over 24 years and experienced several deployments overseas including active duty in Southwest Asia in support of OEF and OIF. “Life on planet … Continued

Christina Taylor


Ages 6+, Teens & Adults

Christina takes an evidence-based approach to therapy, in order to help her clients heal faster, and will always personalize it to the needs of the individual. She is passionate about working with military members and their families, including adults and adolescents struggling with symptoms of PTSD/trauma, depression, anxiety, life changes, identity struggles, and more.

Senovio Sparrow


With over ten years of clinical experience, I’m a licensed therapist passionate about helping you thrive. I work to see you for who you truly are and create a warm, supportive space to tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, and LGBTQ+ issues. For anxiety and depression, I use techniques like CBT and Mindfulness-Based … Continued

Stacey Rooks

MA, LPC, LCDC, EMDR-Trained, retired Air Force Veteran

Teens & Adults

Stacey is a therapist at our San Antonio, Texas location, working with teens and adults.

Allison Atkinson


I’m Allison Atkinson, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, and I’ve been practicing since 2012. With advanced training in Relational Cultural Theory, I make it a point to meet each of my clients where they are. I understand that every person is unique, and I believe that your counseling experience should be tailored to you. … Continued


Amy Laurent

MD, Colorado & Texas

I practice a collaborative approach to care that focuses on the whole person. I believe respect and communication are the foundations of a partnership with my patients, and this collaboration empowers them to live their healthiest and most balanced lives.

Our staff

Elyse Duran

Interior Design

Hey y’all! My name is Elyse, I’m a military wife, and boy mama. I also have a passion for bringing to life amazing spaces for you to enjoy! Contact me at [email protected].

Cecily Paredez

Practice Coordinator

I understand the importance of seeking help and having a safe space to work through life moments! I look forward to listening and being the first step in your care by partnering you up with one of our therapists who specializes with your specific needs.

Kimbrlei McCain

Regional Director

Kimbrlei (she/her/hers) serves as the Regional Director for Peak Psychological Services and Sillon Wellness, and is committed to helping clients find care that helps them feel better and get better. She oversees day-to-day operations of our team and provides support to clients and clinicians so that they can focus on therapy. Kimbrlei is also a licensed therapist, so she understands how difficult it can be to find quality care and is committed to helping clients find healing with our organization. Her goal is to provide outstanding client service and support efficient operations with authenticity, communication, and team-work.

Gwen Sparks

Scheduling Coordinator

Matching clients with therapists based on personal needs truly makes my heart shine.I have a background in the medical field which I couple with a hospitality approach gleaned from years in the spa and like industries. I place your needs first and will seek to get you the best possible outcome! Welcome!

Angelica Vigil

Scheduling Coordinator

Being the initial contact for people seeking support gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I understand the importance of finding the right help, and am dedicated to making the first steps of this journey a positive experience.

Damon Allen

Scheduling Coordinator

As a scheduling coordinator for the practice I am happy to be one of the first people in the line of communication between our therapists and our clients. My experience in the Medical Administration & Customer Service fields have helped me to understand just how important it is to listen and communicate.

Paw professionals


Head of Pup-lick Relations


Senior Pawject Manager


Pawsitivity Intern


Pawsitivity Intern